Q: Are we in the same room together?

A: I’m not sure why this is the number one question I get asked.  Yes, of course we are in the same room together.  I am right next to you reading the stories.

Q: Is this session one on one or a group session?

A: Again, not sure why this question is frequently asked but this is NOT a group session.  This is a one on one session or you are welcome to bring your partner and make it a couples session if you like.  No one except myself and you and your partner, if you should bring them, is there.

Q: What are the logistics?  Am I sitting in a chair or something while you read?

A: No. You are not sitting in a chair.  The session is done on the floor.  There are lots of blankets and pillows to be comfortable and lounge around on.

Q:  What do you wear?

A: I am clothed during the session.  I wear lingerie.  You are welcome to be as undressed as you like.

Q:  Am I allowed to pleasure myself while you read?

A:  Yes that is absolutely allowed. :)

Q:  What days and hours do you see clients?

A:  I work seven days and my hours for seeing clients are generally 10am – 9pm.  I do require advance notice for appointments.  I cannot see anyone on a few minutes notice.  Please take the time to plan ahead.  The absolute minimum advance notice is an hour  ahead and even more is appreciated.  Thank you.


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